Chromax Metallic Golf Balls - Tube of 3

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Chromax Metallic Golf Balls - Tube of 3

Chromax Metallic Golf Balls - tube of 3 balls. The most notable feature of the USGA approved Chromax Metallic M5 golf ball is the metallic colors. The ball is not just stunningly beautiful; the high energy core and urethane cover make this one of the most playable balls on the market. Shines in the green and easy to find. The 1.52" diameter core is one of the largest in the history of golf. Made of poly-butadiene rubber compound blend and perfectly centered to ensure maximum energy return. Features: Cold temperature flexibility, high spin rate, high energy return, 432 dimple pattern increased aerodynamics, superior cut resistance, outstanding feel. Tube of 3 golf balls - 7 colors available: Gold, Silver, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple.